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ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Fleece Scarf

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The ActionHeat 5V battery heated scarf is great for all outdoor activities. With a plush, super soft fleece material, the scarf is warm and cozy and reaches a temperature of 145F. This scarf is a perfect gift during the holidays and a great winter accessory.


  1. Charge Up – Fully charge power banks with provided charger kit.
  2. Plug-In – Connect the power bank to USB plug located in the pocket on the back of the neck
  3. Turn On – Press and hold touch-button control on the scarf for 3 seconds. Press touch-button to adjust the temperature.


  • Machine Washable - Gentle Cycle
  • Built-in heating panels strategically placed on the neck and hand pockets
  • Touch-button control technology (3 settings)
  • 4 LED power indicators display power banks battery life
  • Battery Voltage: 5-Volt
  • Colors Available: Black
  • Sizes Available: Unisex - One Size

Material Contents:

  • Breathable fleece
  • Water-resistant fleece sheds rain and snow
  • An advanced heat-trapping insulation layer
  • Ultra-fine carbon fiber heating panels

Estimated Heating Times:

  • High (Red): 145F – 3+ Hours
  • Medium (White): 135F - 4.5+ Hours
  • Low (Blue): 125F – 7+ Hours


  • (1) ActionHeat 5V Heated Scarf W/ Heated Pockets
  • (1) ActionHeat 5V Power Bank (6000mAh)
  • (1) USB Charging Kit

What makes ActionHeat different than the other heated brands is its unique 5V powerbank technology it uses in many of its products.  With a patented signal technology, it allows for any 5V battery to be used with certain garments. This allows for unlimited battery options and gives you more options!

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ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Fleece Scarf